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Welcome to the site for online submission of manuscripts to the Israel Journal of Psychiatry

Please read the following instructions very carefully before submitting your manuscript.
If, at any stage, you upload a complete version of the manuscript that includes the names of the authors, you will be asked to repeat the process.

Please complete your personal details on the left side of the page below. Please paste the title of the manuscript in the section labeled "Title" and paste the abstract in the section labeled "Abstract" .
Before submission, you should prepare two separate Word files:
1) a front page, with the title, authors, affiliations, and acknowledgments, name and e-mail of author for correspondence,
2) the manuscript, including the title, abstract, manuscript and references. This file should contain no author identification. If tables and figures cannot be included in the manuscript file, they should be uploaded separately. On completion of the process, you should press "Submit". You will be sent an automatic acknowledgment of receipt with the reference number of the manuscript.

You are invited to read the Information for Contributors. This will guide you on the recommended length, style, form of references.
If, at any stage, you need to be in contact with the editors, please send an e-mail to the journal editor, Professor Rael Strous, at Please include the reference number in all correspondence.

THE ISRAEL JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY AND RELATED SCIENCES publishes original articles dealing with the bio-psycho-social aspects of mobility, relocation, acculturation, ethnicity, stress situations in war and peace, victimology and mental health in developing countries. The Editor also welcomes pertinent book reviews and correspondence.

Papers are accepted with the understanding that they have not been and will not be published elsewhere, and that they are subject to editorial revision. Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor, David Greenberg, MD, at
The ISRAEL JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY AND RELATED SCIENCES is the copyright holder of all articles accepted.

The Journal does not hold itself responsible for statements made by contributors. Unless so stated, material in the Journal does not necessarily reflect the views of the Editor or the Israel Psychiatric Association.

In the case of experimental investigation and interviews with human subjects, authors must state that the protocol of the research project has been approved by the Ethics Committee of the institution within which the work was undertaken and that it conforms to the provisions of the Declaration of Helsinki. All investigations on human subjects must include a statement that the subject gave informed consent and patient anonymity should be preserved. All authors should declare any financial support or relationship that may pose a conflict of interest, by disclosing any financial arrangements they have with a company whose product figures in the manuscript or produces a competing product. The contribution of each author should be stated at the end of the manuscript, based on substantial contribution to all three phases: a) conception and design, or analysis and interpretation of data, b) drafting or critical revision, and c) final approval.

Manuscripts should not exceed 5,000 words. The format should include title page, abstract, introduction, subject methods, results, discussion, references and tables. Title page should contain the title of the article, authors' names (with highest academic degrees), authors' departments and institutions, address for correspondence and electronic mail, disclaimers (if any), and the source(s) of support in the form of grants, equipment, drugs or all of these.
Abstract (2ndpage) should be about 150words and should be structured, including the following headings: Background, Method, Results, Limitations, Conclusions. In case studies, the Method and Results sections can be combined in a Data section. A translation in Hebrew, if possible, will be requested after acceptance. References should be numbered consecutively in parenthesis in the text. References cited only in tables or legends to figures should be numbered in accordance with their sequence in the text. The Reference list should be in the Vancouver style (see JAMA 1997;277:927-934).

The ISRAEL JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY AND RELATED SCIENCES employs a blind system of reviewing so that contributors are asked to ensure that all identifying features (names of authors, institutions and acknowledgements) are restricted to the title page which is submitted as a separate file from the remainder of the manuscript. Contributors will find it helpful to refer to a recent issue of the Journal as a general guide to style, punctuation and citation format. All past issues from 2005 are freely available at